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Panchalingeswar, Bhitarkanika, Chandipur Tour Package

Panchalingeswar weekend tour

A hill top temple which is to be accessed only by foot climbing over 250 stairs coupled with an excursion inside a forest and a visit to a sea beach comprises a rewarding weekend tour from Kolkata to Panchalingeswar. Located in the Balasore district of the neighboring state Odisha this hilltop temple is known as Panchalingeswar which is named after the five Shiva lingas enshrined inside a perennial steam inside the temple premises. Perched atop Nilgiri hills, the local folklores have two stories about these five lingas. One credits their presence to Sita, the wife of Lord Rama during their exile while the other says King Banasura worshiped the Swayambhu Lingam here. Other than the Panchalingeswar temple, there is also a temple of Banadevi here. In order to physically touch the Shiva Lingas during a trip to Panchalingeswar, a devotee has to lie flat on the rock parallel to the stream and immerse the hand deep inside the water stream.
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Panchalingeswar is considered to be one of the best tourist places in Balasore district. If a visitor loves trekking, this is the place to visit as it takes as many as 263 stairs to reach the temple shrine. After visiting the temple one can hire a guide to venture inside the nearby jungle in the hills for more adventure. Located 25 km south west, a weekend trip to Panchalingeswar usually accompanies a jungle safari inside Kuldiha Sanctuary. 

2 nights 3 days

  • AC Room
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner
  • Pickup and drop from Balasore to Balasore

*Excluding First day Breakfast,Guide and Porter charge

3 nights 4 days

  • AC Room
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner
  • Pickup and drop from Balasore to Balasore
*Excluding First day Breakfast, Guide and Porter Charge

panchalingeswar sightseeing

Kuldiha Sanctuary consists of primarily Kuldiha, Devgiri and Tenda Reserved Forests. The sanctuary features Sal forest and moist mixed deciduous forest. The Wildlife features species like Asiatic Elephant, Leopard, Gaur, Ratel, Pangolin, Mouse deer, and Giant squirrel. For bird lovers a trip to Kuldiha forest can be very rewarding as it is home to birds like Hill myna, Woodpecker, Hornbill and Eagles. A part of Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve falls within Kuldiha sanctuary. Kuldiha is linked to Similipal Biosphere Reserve through Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary.There are small scenic waterfalls inside the sanctuary like Daladali waterfalls and Brahmani waterfalls.
The path to Khumkhut Dam from Panchalingeswar temple hill is around 3 km from which runs through a tribal village. There is an ancient watchtower in the middle of the lake near Khumkhut Dam. Many types of wildlife and birds come here to drink water.
Located at a distance of 12 km south from Panchalingeswar, Boulagadia is a village of craftsmen who have been making stone carved items for several generations. They produce kitchenware like polished plates, containers, cups and dishes by turning and polishing the stone using a local wooden lathe called “Kunda”. The stoneware utensils are unique in make and shape and are said to have curative medicinal effect on diabetic patients. The craftsman also makes statues out of stone. Each house displays their artwork. A majority of such artifacts are being exported. Tourists visiting Panchalingeswar often buy stone built souvenirs from Boulagadia village
Located at a distance of 28 km west from Panchalingeswar, the journey to Risia Dam is through the dense forest area of Kuldiha passing by the stream. The Dam is surrounded on its three sides by a dense jungle. Apart from bears and herds of deer, the area around Risia Dam also features many kinds of colourful butterfly. During winter, many migratory birds visit here. There are tented accommodation facilities around Risia Dam provided by Odisha tourism for adventure loving tourists visiting Kuldiha and Panchalingeswar
Located at Udala Town, Kalo Dam is around 40 km North West from Panchalingeswar. A favorite spot for picnic parties, the landscape around Kalo Dam is a pleasure to watch.
For tourists having an extended tour at Panchalingeswar, a 67 km drive towards North West will take them to Devkund Waterfalls. Devkund is a naturally created waterbody inside Simlipal National Park. The adjacent beautiful Devkund waterfall has resulted in creation of this pond. There are four other small waterfalls as well. Over the waterfalls on a hill, there is the historic “Ambika Temple”. To reach the temple one has to climb 100 stairs. Devkund is at a height of 51 ft and is a popular tourist and picnic spot.
Remuna is famous for Khirachora Gopinath temple. Located at a distance of 24 km North East from Panchalingeswar, Remuna has been a prominent place for Vaishnavite Culture since long. Remuna became famous when Shri Chaitanya and his guru Madhabendra Puri himself visited Remuna and offered their homage to Khirachora Gopinath. Devotees throng this place in huge numbers. Specially prepared milk named as Amrita Keli is the most delicious prasad of the temple.
Chandipur is a very unique beach. The beach recedes a long distance of 5 km during low tides. This situation provides visitors an opportunity to walk on the sea bed. The beach is home to the endangered horseshoe crabs, starfish and sea urchins. A stroll around the beach during sunrise can be a fitting finale to a visitor embarking on a tour to Panchalingeswar, Kuldiha and Chandipur. Tourists often visit the confluence of the Budhabalanga alias Buribalam river as it is a scenic spot. Chandipur is located 44 km from Panchalingeswar.
By rail: The town of Balasore is well connected with Kolkata by Rail. It takes just about 3 and half hours
By Bus: There are many buses from Kolkata to Balasore. It takes around 5 hours to cover 250 km of journey.

There are plenty of accomodation at Panchalingesgwar, Kuldiha and Chandipur from Government to private hotels

You would love the restaurant if you are a Bengali as the in-house restaurant serves with all kinds of sumptuous Bengali food. Apart from that you can also try out Chinese and Moghlai food. 

Panchlingeswar Tour Package details

Offbeat weekend Exclusive Package
2 Night 3 Days


Pick –up from Balasore. check in the hotel. After lunch visit  khumkut dam


After breakfast visit kalo dam, ressia dam & Debkund waterfalls with packed lunch.


After breakfast check- out the hotel and proceed for Chandipur. Sea bath and Lunch at Chandipur. After lunch back to Kolkata.

Offbeat weekend Exclusive Package
3 Night 4 Days

Day 1:
Pick –up from Balasore. check in the hotel. After lunch visit  khumkut dam,Bisweswar and stone carving (Boulagadia Village).

Day 2:
After breakfast visit kalo dam, ressia dam & Debkund waterfalls with packed
Post Lunch visit to Kuldiha Wild Life Sanctuary, Rishia Dam
Evening Visit Jagannath Temple, NIlgiri, Chandi Mandir & King’s Palace

Day 3:
Early morning visit to Panchalingeshwar Temple
After breakfast check- out the hotel and proceed for Chandipur. Sea bath and Lunch at Chandipur. Night stay in Chandipur

Day 4:
After breakfast visit Buribalam and Radhakrishna Temple

Best time to visit Panchalingeswar

The ideal season to take a package tour to Panchalingeswar is between Mid of September to Mid of March. Though winter and spring is the best time to visit Panchalingeswar, monsoon gives the forest and the hillocks around them a fresh and pristine look.
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panchalingeswar weather

Before booking your offbeat weekend tour for Panchalingeswar, you must check the local weather 

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The sanctuary is adjacent to Nilgiri hills. One can visit Khumkut Dam, Daladali Waterfalls and Brahmini waterfalls as a part of Kuldiha package tour. Tourists interested in art and craft can visit Baulagadia village which is famous for its stone-carving work on black granite.

For a refreshing sea view, one has to drive 40 odd km North east to reach the pristine sea beach of Chandipur. After a mesmerizing outing at Panchalingeswar and Kuldiha, a visit to Chandipur will be an added bonus. Apart from checking out the Horseshoe crab at Chandipur beach, one can take a look at nearby fishing markets and communities at the confluence of the Budhabalanga River. Those interested in an extended weekend tour of Panchalingeswar can visit Khirachora Gopinatha Temple at Remuna near Balasore, Kalo Dam near Kaptipada or Devkund waterfalls inside Simlipal National Park.

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