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Bengalis are essentially foodies. Bengalis love to gossip. Our food walk will highlight some facts and some folktales from the pages of history related to the foods which have satisfied the taste buds of Bengalis. It is not just gulping tasty food, our foodwalk is actually a unique way to know the city of Kolkata a little better. As you taste some legendary dishes of the city, we bring you many anecdotes relating to these foods in our foodwalk of Kolkata which are also very tasty.

Starting point of foodwalk

Our Foodwalk of Kolkata starts from the footpath in front of the famous eatery of Golbari at five point crossing. Our food walk will start at 4:00 p,m,

End Point of foodwalk

The foodwalk will end at Mitra Cafe at Shovabazar.

Explore the Best Local Cuisine


The building of this food joint is oval shaped. Probably, that is why the name Golbari has stuck around since ancient times. Although Golbari’s Kosha Manghso and Moghlai Parota’s fame has crossed all levels of appreciation, some old timers opine that their food quality is not the same as it used to be.

Haridas Modak

Haridas Modak’s kochuri and chhola dal have been famous for almost a century. In a food walk of Kolkata, they are the ideal stop to devour some hot Kochuris. They claim that their kochuri was a favourite of the famous mystic Ramakrishna-Paramahansa.


Dwarik is the Bengali pioneer in modern food business. At one point of time they had shops all over Kolkata. It was Dwarik Ghosh who showed the way to the Bengalis to build up a modern food chain business. At one time after 1930, Dwarik had at least twenty outlets across Calcutta.


According to local food experts, the Rasgolla of Chittaranjan tastes as it was 20 years ago. The juice is almost as light as water. There is almost no sticky feeling. And Rasgolla? Once anyone samples a single piece, the urge to have more of this sweet increases in leaps and bounds.

Naveen Chandra Das

This is the original shop of KC Das. The shop has been named after the ancestor of the family.

Mitra Cafe

This is the first shop of Mitra cafe, which is located at a stone’s throw away from Shobhabazar metro station. A few more outlets were made later. They are pioneers in serving unique Anglo Indian delicacies like Chop and Cutlet to the common Bengali Folks. Once upon a time the theatre para of Kolkata was located nearby. The famous actors of Bengali theatre visited the locality on a regular basis. From Mitra Cafe, chops, cutlets and kabiraji were regularly served to the theater halls for providing afternoon snacks to the actors. Even a few days ago, legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee himself used to order food from this outlet to his house at South Kolkata.

Allen’s Kitchen

Allen’s Kitchen is a short walk from Mitra Cafe. With a modest appearance, they serve food of the highest quality. Their specialty is pure ghee fried shrimp cutlets.

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