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MURSHIDABAD weekend tour

If you fancy about a tour to a historical town of West Bengal, then a weekend tour to the town of Murshidabad will definitely enrich your knowledge about Bengal’s ancient history. Originally known as Muksudabad, the city’s name changed to Murshidabad during the rule of Murshid Quli Khan. It was the capital of Bengal Suba until Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daulah lost it out to the British Empire after being betrayed by Mir-Jafar in the year 1757. At that time, Murshidabad was said to be as prosperous as London. At present Murshidabad is a shadow of what it used to be – a small hamlet with few relics left of its prime time.
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While embarking on a tour to Murshidabad, a tourist will find that the tour is some sort of time travel. The environment around the mansions, mosques, tombs and gardens has not changed much. While taking a walk around the royal enclosure of the town named Kila Nizamat, the tourist visiting Mutshidabad notices that the town still retains many old mansions left belonging to the era of Nawabs which are not even tourist spots. The town also retains such industries from the Nawabi era as carving in gold and silver embroidery and silk weaving. Since ivory trading is banned in India, artisans have moved to wood carving.


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Places to visit at Murshidabad

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Inside and near to Kila Nizamat
(Central and Southern part of the town)

The most desired tourist spot in every tour to Murshidabad is the Hazarduari palace and Museum. Built by Nawab “Humayun Jah” during the period 1829-1837 under the supervision of Duncan MacLeod of the Bengal Corps of Engineers at a cost of 18 Lakhs, Hazarduari palace claims to have thousand doors of which 900 are said to be real and the rest to be false doors. The three storied structure has 120 rooms of which a few are open for the tourist to visit. Photography is not allowed inside the Museum. which displays several antique materials including oil paintings made by eminent artists, porcelain and marble statues, rare books and old maps, palanquins and a considerable number of weapons. The palace is located with other monuments inside a premises with two gates known as Kila NIzamat
After the original wooden Imambarah constructed by Siraj-Ud-Daulah was destroyed in successive fire in 1842 and 1846, the present Imamambara was constructed during the reign of Nawab Ferdaun Jah under the supervision of Sadeq Ali khan in 1847-48. The entrance inside this building is only allowed during Muharram.
The only construction dating to the time of Siraj ud Daulah that remains in Murshidabad is the Medina of the old Imambarah, standing between the Hazarduari and the present Imamabara.
A canon standing beside the old Madina is the infamous “Bacchewali Tope” the impact of whose test firing led to the miscarriage of several pregnant women in the town.
Standing close to the canon is a beautiful clock tower facing east towards Bhagirathi river for naval vessels passing by the river. The clock tower is surmounted by a heavy sounding bell. The clock tower was designed by Sagore Mistri, the native assistant of Colonel Duncan
Wasif Manzil was once the residing place of Nawab Wasif Ali Mirza. The original palace After being destroyed in the 1897 earthquake, the palace was rebuilt in 1904. Close to the Hazarduari, the architecture of the mansion looks full of grandeur especially when the rays of setting sun fall on the building. The mansion remains closed at present, but its garden has interesting relics. Just opposite is the Hazarduari Jetty on the banks of Bhagirathi.
The horseshoe shaped lake named “Motijheel” lies 3 km to the south of Wasif Manzil. Once there was a beautiful palace named “Sang I Dalan” near this lake along with a beautiful gateway and a mosque. Only the mosque survived and some graves including that of including that of the son in law of Nawab Alivardi Khan – Nawazish Muhammad Khan who had built the palace. There was a palace built here by Mir Jafar too named “Baraduary” where Warren Hastings stayed. At present there is a beautiful park with an arrangement of light and sound show. It is the latest tourist attraction for the people taking a weekend tour to Murshidabad.
Located two km east of Hazarduari Palace, Katra Masjid brandishes two giant towers along with small cells for accommodating 700 odd people to Holy Quran and a praying area with the capacity to accommodate 2000 Namaz readers. The mosque was built between1723 to 24. Originally there were four towers; but two of them got destroyed in an earthquake. There is a flight of stairs in the mosque below which remains the grave of Murshid Quli Khan.
The Fouti Mosque lies between Katra Masjid and Hazarduari. The Fouti Mosque was built in 1740 by Sarfaraz Khan – grandson of Alivardi Khan but was never completed.
Close to the Katra Mosque, standing on a pedestal inside an enclosure is the collosal “Jahankosha Cannon. The cannon weighs 8000 kg and was made by Gunsmith Janardan Karmakar of Dacca in 1637.
The 1767 built five domed white painted Chawk Masjid has interesting stucco work on its wall. The mosque was built by Munny Begum – wife of Nawab Mir Jafar. It stands beside a market behind Hazarduari.
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Outskirts of Kila Nizamat
(Northern Part of the town)

Only a wall and the base remain of this mosque. The grave of the Begam Ajimunnishah – daughter of Murshid Quli Khan is located below the base.
The dilapidated gate is what remains of the residence of Mir Jafar referred to as “Namak Haram Deori”. This is where Siraj Ud Daulah was supposedly murdered by Mir Jafar’s son Miran.
Adjacent to the gate is the Jafarganj cemetery. This is the Jafar family’s graveyard, where Mir Jafar’s grave along with his family member’s grave. The tombstones are works of art, especially those of females which are inside the enclosure.
The Hazarduari look alike palace belonging to Haryanvi feudal landlord Debi Singh which was in ruins for a long time have been renovated in recent times. The interiors have sprawling corridors, assembly hall and a temple. This is a privately owned property with entry fees to visit.
The original house of Jagat Seth has been engulfed by the Bhagirathi since long. The ticketed renovated house was actually the banking premises of Jagat Seth which has little historical importance. However the guided tour of the premises attracts tourists visiting Murshidabad, where they can see antique furniture, coins, utensils, and dresses coupled with an underground passage inside the banking premises. In the same premises there is the Laxminarayan Temple, which has been renovated in recent times.
The Kathgola Gardens as well the palace inside it was built by the late Rai Bahadur Lakshmipat Singh Dugar (1836-1888). He was one of the leading zamindars (landlords) and bankers of Bengal. Inside the premises there is the Adinatha Temple, dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara Lord Rishabh. In recent times the private zoo of the Dugar family has been reinstated inside the premises which are a prime attraction.
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On the other other side of Bhagirathi
(western side)

A country boat ride on the Bhagirathi followed by a Toto ride takes the visitor to the family grave of Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daulah at Khosbag. The grave of Siraj lies here in simple manner besides the grave of Mirza Mehendi. Below the grave of Siraj is the grave of wife Lutf-un-nisa. Also inside this mausoleum is the grave of Siraj’s grandfather – Nawab Alivardi Khan.
The 200-year-old Pancharatna Ratneshwar Shiva temple, with exquisite terracotta artwork is located 8 km west of Khushbagh at Bhattabati. During the regime of Nawab Hussein Shah (1493-1519), 1,200 Bhatta Brahmin families from Karnat in south India settled down at Bhattabati.
Kiriteshwari Temple and Dahapara Dham are situated within a short distance. Located 8 km North of Khosbagh, Kiriteshwari is one of the 51 Pithasthanas of Hindus where the Kirit (the crown) of the goddess Sati is said to have fallen. Dahapara Dham is famous for being the birthplace of Saint Jagatbandhu Sundar. He is believed to be the reincarnation of Krishna as an avatar and his ashram is visited by religiously inclined people.
By Rail: Hazarduari Express leaves for Murshidabad from Kolkata station in the morning and Bhagirathi Express leaves in the afternoon from Sealdah Station.

By Road: A road journey for a weekend tour to Murshidabad is a good option provided one starts early. Murshidabad is around 222 km North of Kolkata

By Air: The nearest airport is located in Kolkata. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose international airport is around 232 kilometre amway from Murshidabad Town.

There is not much standard accommodation except one or two near Hazarduari. Berhampur has several good hotels.

You would love the restaurant if you are a Bengali as the in-house restaurant serves with all kinds of sumptuous Bengali food. Apart from that you can also try out Chinese and Moghlai food. 

Tour Plan Itinerary

Offbeat weekend Exclusive Package
2 Night 3 Days

  • Day 1 :
  • Hazarduari Palace & Museum,
  • Nizamat Imambara
  • Bachche Wali Topi
  • Clock Tower
  • Modina of Siraj
Day 2 :
Namakharam Deuri Katra Masjid Futi Masjid Jahan Kohsa Kaman Motijhil Ruins of Ajimunnisha Mosque Jafarganj Cemetery Nasipur palace Kathgola Palace Wasif Manzil Khosbag Cemetery of Siraj & Nawab Alivardi khan Kiriteswari Temple

Offbeat weekend Exclusive Package
3 Night 4 Days

  • Day 1 :
  • Hazarduari Palace & Museum,
  • Nizamat Imambara
  • Bachche Wali Topi
  • Clock Tower
  • Modina of Siraj

Day 2 :
Namakharam Deuri
Katra Masjid
Futi Masjid
Jahan Kohsa Kaman
Ruins of Ajimunnisha Mosque
Jafarganj Cemetery
Nasipur palace
Kathgola Palace

Day 3 :
Wasif Manzil
Cemetery of Siraj & Nawab Alivardi khan
Kiriteswari Temple

Best time to visit

Apart from the prime summer season like May- June, Murshidabad can be visited throughout the year.


Murshidabad is the Nearest rail station which is around 3 km from Hazarduari.


You can avail any of the local transports like Auto, Toto, car or Tanga. But Tanga (horse driven cart) is the best medium to feel the actual ambiance of the city.
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Nearby places

Baronagar (23 km North)

Baronagar was ruled by Rani Bhabani of Natore (Now at Bangladesh). She built several temples here. The most famous is the Char Bangla Temples, where four char chala temples with exquisite terracotta work on their walls stands facing each other. There are other temples here too. One has to reach Jiyaganj from Baronagar and cross the Bhagirathi in a country boat to reach Baronagar. Tourists doing extended tour of Murshidabad often visit Baronagar.

Berhampore (14 km South)

Once a British Cantonment area, Berhampore became an important town especially after the battle of Plassey in 1757. Adjacent to Berhampore, Cossimbazar was also an important fortified area for some time. There were several British and Dutch factories here. Cossimbazar Choto Rajbari is the star attraction of Berhampore. One can take a ticketed tour of the premises. Other places to visit here are the Dutch and English cemetery, Byaspur Shiva Temple, Dayamayi Kali Temple and Armenian Church.

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In what is pompously referred to as a date with nostalgia in Murshidabad, a typical tour inside the Murshidabad town consists of a visit to Hazarduari Palace and Museum and the monuments in its premises, Wasif Manzil, Tripolia gate, Motijheel Park and its Mosque, Katra Masjid, Jahan Kosha Cannon. The more inquisitive traveler visiting Murshidabad takes a look at the ruined Fouti Masjid and the Nawab’s stable. Those with a bit time in hand, includes in their package tour of Murshidabad few more spots in the outskirts of the town like grave of Azimunnishah, Nashipur Palace, Jafarganj cemetery, Namak Haram Deori, Nashipur palace, House of Jagat Seth and Kathgolap Gardens. A country boat ride on Bhagirathi river at Murshidabad takes the visitor to the Khushbagh cemetery on the other side of the river. Other places of tourist attraction close to Murshidabad are the terracotta temple at Bhattabati and those at Baranagar. Many of the buildings at Murshidabad are protected by the Archeological Survey of India.

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