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Jhargram Tour

Jhargram Tour Package

Jhargram Tour from Kolkata

Imagine a town built around lush green fields and tall deciduous forests which are just about 4 hours drive from Kolkata. When you are looking for that required amount of oxygen, yet do not want to venture far, a weekend trip to Jhargram can be your ideal choice. Amongst the other quick getaways from Kolkata, very few destinations offer variety like Jhargram. From ancient temples and palaces to remote river banks and forests, a tour to Jhargram provides you with all such options.
Jhargram Raj Palace
As one gets close to Jhargram, the landscape changes rapidly as tall deciduous forests and lush green fields beside the road welcomes you into the city. In fact after reaching Jhargram one gets such scenic lane in almost every corner of the town. A tour to Jhargram can rejuvenate you from your daily routine of monotony. One can choose to rise early and go out for a morning walk to fill your lungs with fresh air. The few palaces and temples of Jhargram can add interesting variety to the landscape. For more serious jungle lovers, a drive to nearby Belpahari can be worth venturing.

2 nights 3 days

  • AC Room
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner
  • Pickup and drop from Jhargram to Jhargram

*Excluding First day Breakfast,Guide and Porter charge

3 nights 4 days

  • AC Room
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner
  • Pickup and drop from Jhargram to Jhargram
*Excluding First day Breakfast, Guide and Porter Charge

Most Visited Tourists Spots in Jhargram

The Jhargram Royal Palace is built around a rectangular courtyard. The lineage of Jhargram Raj Family was initiated by Shri Sarveshwar Singhji who was Military General of Raja Man Singh I of Amer. Sarveshwar Singhji assisted Man Singh in defeating the local Mal Chieftains and assumed power over the region. Sarveshwar Singhji hailed from Chauhan clan of Rajputs. After the victory, Raja Man Singh I of Amer, granted mansabdari of the entire region of Jungle Mahal to his victorious general. Sarveshwar Singhji named his capital as Jhargram. Literally this meant a village surrounded by deep forests. The palace has a sprawling structure with architectural style of Rajasthan. The Jhargram palace has been turned into a hotel, where you can stay during your tour to Jhargram. The rooms are decorated keeping the original design intact.
During sightseeing at Jhargram and around, the usual first destination is Kanak Durga temple at Chilkigarh which is about 15 km west from the palace. A typical Jhargram sightseeing tour starts from this place as tourists walk down through a narrow path snaking through dense overgrowth that leads to the main temple premises. There is a paid parking facility at the entrance of the narrow path. There are two structures inside the premises standing side by side. One is the new temple with a towering pinnacle which houses the Kanak Durga idol made of AshtaDhatu. Local Samata kings started the worship of this idol after getting the idol designed and eventually getting it made by artist Jogendranath Kamiliya. The other is the decaying original Kanak Durga temple. Originally it had five pinnacles of which only three remain at present. The temples are situated in a forest-like area near the bank of local dulung river, which is enjoyable for walking. From parking lot to temple, the 300 meter journey through dense overgrowth, one can see varieties of medicinal plants and giant trees which are nicely labeled for understanding. At some locations there are deep forests on both sides. There are many medicinal plants in this forest-like area.
From Kanakadurga temple, the Chilkigarh Raj Palace premises are located at a distance of just 1 km. A favorite location among tourists visiting Jhargram, Chilkigarh Raj Palace was constructed by Samanta King Gopinath Singh about 300 years back. King Gopinath Singh’s only child was his daughter Subarna Subarnamani. She was later married to Jagannath Deo Dhabaldev, king of neighboring Dhalbhumgarh. After the death of Raja Gopinath Singh in 1765, Jagannath Singh became the king of Chilkigarh. During the historic Chuar Rebellion, Raja Jagannath Singh declared the Dhal Rebellion from this Chilkigarh Palace in 1769. Sadly, the East India Company succeeded in suppressing this revolt with a strong hand. Interested persons taking a weekend outing at Jhargram, look around the grounds around the palace which houses three temples apart from the Rajbari Palace. One is a look alike of New Kanak Durga temple and the other is a five pinnacled structure while the third is in a ruinous state. These temples are rather new structures.
Jhargram town also houses a mini zoo, which houses various species of deer as well as snakes, bears, crocodiles and black rabbits. This park is built over a total of 21.54 hectares. The park is a favourite among children enjoying weekend tours to Jhargram with their parents.
Located around 27 km North from Jhargram is the forest of Belpahari. Belpahari is located under Dolma hills. If one wishes to see a river gorge, then a visit to the Ghagra river gorge (popularly known as Ghagra waterfalls) around 8 kilometers from Belpahari among the scenic atmosphere will be very refreshing. While flowing down the mass of black stone, the river erosion has resulted in creating picturesque landforms over decades. A walk in the jungle of Belpahari can give a sense of adventure during the quick getaway to Jhargram.

Kendua is a small village on the way from Jhargram and is famous for bird watching and village walk.​ ​Every year at the beginning of winter, migratory birds come in groups and build their nests in the trees of the village.

This is about ​14 km away from Jhargram city.​ ​You can find more than 700 species of medicinal plants here.

Adjacent to Jhargram Palace, This place has a deep connection with the heritage, history and folk art of the Jungle Mahal that the indigenous tribal culture has been preserved in the museum.Every weekend you can observe fascinating tribal performances by local people.

The area is famous for its Pahar pujo and ​in July, a large gathering is assembled around this ​festival. A combination of jungle and mountains on the Jharkhand border​ situated at ​48 km from Jhargram.The hills surrounded by dense forest are very sacred to the locals.
The Distance of Kanaisor Hills from Belpahari is  about 10 kilometers.

13 kilometers from Belpahari, this village has a reputation for making handicraft items by cutting stones. The distance from Jhargram is about 51 km.Dhangikusum can be reached by taking the road from Belpahari to Kakrajhor, to the left from chirkuti. You have to take a  short walk from the view point to reach Dungri falls.

Various geometric designs have been created here by gushing river water on the stone walls. A dense green forest can be found on the other side here.The distance from Jhargram is around 43 km​ where standing by a secluded river, the sound of water waves​ from​ small waterfalls​ ​can be heard.

The spiritual destination is situated at around 46km from Jhargram. And about 8km from Belpahari.Every year in Aghrahayan month according to Bengali calendar, there is a special festival that occurs here in the ashram of Swami Satyanand ji and this place is famous for soulful meditation and spiritual awakening.
Many people come here from far and wide to meditate.This place covered with dense forest is actually the source of peace.

A huge lake is situated at a distance of around 49 km from Jhargram. It is in the heart of nature full of greenery and in winter, various kinds of Migratory birds of different species visit this paradise of birds.

This is A long-standing Shiva temple in the eternal and calm​ ​jungle at a distance of 63 kms from Jhargram.The new temple is built in Odissi style where the pillars of the old temple are still visible.It is said that Ramachandra established this ancient temple here on the banks of subarnarekha.“​Tap​o​ban​”​ is a little further away from this temple.The ashram of Balmiki was here. Sita used to live here with her two children​ Lava and Kush​.

Situated at 62 kms from Jhargram having cottages of West Bengal tourism corporation.​You can find cluster of eucalyptus and shal trees here.

It is a clear water lake​ surrounded by dense forest​.​ ​Paddle boats ​are floated h​ere​.​ ​Lots of migratory birds ​can be found here.Two cottages have been built here at the initiative of the local panchayat​.​

Radha govind temple is situated in Gopiballavpur.Earlier the name was Kashipur. Baishnabacharjya shyamanda mahaprabhu established the temple here.This is a very famous place for baishnabas and also known as gupta Vrindavan. You can also find prabhu Jagannath here.Devotees come here from far and wide to visit 14th century temples and idols.

Park with a large area along the river subarnarekha is established at a distance of 38km from Jhargram.You can only come here for a photo session

Swami govardhan giriji established an ashram here on the banks of subarnarekha. An old shiva temple is situated here at a distance of 43 km from Jhargram. Lord Shiva is known as choreshwar.You can find an old Banyan tree and the age will be not less than 200 years.The main attraction is the Samadhi Mandir of Swamiji.

A project has been set up 45 km away from Jhargram at the initiative of the West Bengal government. Agro Farming is being initiated in a vast fertile section of 200 acres. It’s commonly known as kodopal eco nest and biological fruit basket. There are cottages for accommodation

By Train:
Jhargram is located in Howrah- Tatanagar route.You can avail Ispat Express or Steel Express which runs daily in this route.Apart from them there is a MEMU from Howrah to Ghatsila.The total rail road is around 154 KM.

By Road: Kolkata to Jhargram road distance is around 178 kilometre via NH6.

By Air: The nearest airport is located in Kolkata. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is around 188 kilometre away.

Jhargram Rajbari and West Bengal Tourist Complex around are the best places for accommodation at Jhargram.

You would love the restaurant if you are a Bengali as the in-house restaurant serves with all kinds of sumptuous Bengali food. Apart from that you can also try out Chinese and Moghlai food. 

Jhargram Tour Plan Itinerary

Offbeat weekend Exclusive Package
2 Night 3 Days

Day 1 :
  • Jhargram Raj Palace
  • Sabitri Mandir
  • Dulung River
  • Kanak Durga Temple
Day 2 :
  • Ghagra
  • Dhangikusum waterfalls
  • Ketki Falls
  • Khadarani Lake
  • Garrasini

Offbeat weekend Exclusive Package
3 Night 4 Days

Day 1 :
  • Jhargram Rajbari
  • Sabitri Mandir
  • Dulung River
  • Kanak Durga Temple
Day 2 :
  • Ghagra River Rock
  • Dhangikusum waterfalls
  • Ketki Falls
  • Khadarani Lake
  • Garrasini
Day 3 :
  • Gapinathjiu Mandir
  • Rameswar Mandir
  • Tapaban
  • Hatibari (Subarnarekha River Bed)

Best time to visit Jhargram

You can visit Jhargram throughout the year. Different season has their own colour here

Nearest railway station from Jhargram

The nearest Railway station is Jhargram which is about 7 km from Lodhashuli

How to travel inside jhargram

Wherever you stay, hiring a car is the best option.
Chilkigarh Sacred Grove & Kanak Durga Temple

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Jhargram Raj Palace
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Chilkigarh Raj Palace

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